“Introduction to Zen Meditation” to be taught on 5 Thursdays in August and Sept

Zenshuji Rumme Daigaku

Rev. Daigaku Rumme will introduce Zen Meditation at Zenshuji Temple. (Cultural News Photo)

Many people have an image of Zen as being something difficult when actually it is a clear, concise teaching. The Chinese character for “Zen” means to point to the essential underlying oneness of all things. Zen is to awaken to this principle of nature and the way to realize our innate peace of mind.

In the complications of people’s hectic, busy lives, people often lose sight of their true self. To practice Zen is to eliminate the sense of separation between self and others which people constantly project. It is this sense of separation that is the root cause of all the troubles and suffering which arise. Zen presents a balanced way to live within the stress of modern life.

Zen is often associated with meditation and certainly zazen, or sitting meditation, is central to Zen practice and awakening. A five-class course called “Introduction to Zen Meditation” will be offered at Zenshuji Temple on Thursday evenings from 7:30 – 8:45 pm, beginning August 5 and concluding on September 2.

Zenshuji is a Soto Zen temple located downtown in the Little Tokyo/Arts District area on 123 South Hewitt Street. For more information about Zenshuji, see the website: www.zenshuji.org

The course will be taught by Rev. Daigaku Rumme who has recently been appointed as the head priest at Zenshuji and Director of the Soto Zen Buddhism North America Office. Previous to coming to Zenshuji, Rev. Rumme worked for seven years at the Soto Zen Buddhism International Center in San Francisco and before that lived for more than twenty seven years in a Japanese Zen monastery.

This class series is open to everyone. It will include a presentation of the basic principles of Zen and zazen meditation. There will also be instruction in the basic posture and forms that are necessary for sitting in zazen meditation as well as walking meditation.

The classes will be taught in English and will include ample time for questions and answers as participants discuss some of the ways to carry Zen practice into their everyday lives. The course will cost $70 for non-temple members and $35 for temple members. Scholarships are available. Register by calling Zenshuji at (213) 624-8658 or by email to webmaster@zenshuji.org.