2010 / English play originally written by Hisashi Inoue about Hiroshima Atomic-bombing survivors, Aug 6 – Aug 15

Junction, Face of Jizo, Toda, Kato

Father (Toshi Tada), left, and his daughter Mitsue (Fay Kato) in The Face of Jizo. (Cultural News Photo)

August 6th, 2010, marks the 65th commemoration of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima – a day that changed the foundations of science, faith, and humanity.

The years leading up to that fateful day were some of the most tumultuous and complex that mankind ever had to navigate. To shed a little bit light on the dynamics that led up to that day, as well as the stories that have unraveled in its shadow, the Junction Treatre is producing The Einstein Project (written by Jon Klein and Paul d’Andre) in conjunction with The Face of Jizo (written by the late Hisashi Inoue and translated by Roger Pulvers).

The Einstein Project tracks the life of Albert Einstein and attempts to explain how a passionate pacifist who had renounced his nationality could come to help create the deadliest and most destructive weapon ever known to man.

The Face of Jizo looks at the life of a young survivor of the Hiroshima bombing and how she overcomes her survivor’s guilt to eventually permit herself a chance of rediscovering happiness.

The Face of Jizo is English translation of  Living with my father (Chichi to kuraseba) by Japan’s renowned script writer Hisahi Inoue.

These two one act plays run on Aug 13 (Fri) 8 pm, Aug 14 (Sat) 8 pm, and Aug 15 (Sun) 7 pm at 2609 North Hyperion Ave, Silver Lake area, Los Angele, CA 90027. The theater space is located above the Barbarella Neighborhood Bar and Kitchen.

Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door.

The Junction Theatre is a non-profit organization that embraces Los Angles’ rich cultural diversity to create “invigorating, innovative, and inclusive theatre.”


Junction, Einstien Project

The Einstein Project produced by the Junction Theatre. (Cultural News Photo)