2015 / Japan’s Naomichi Hanazono to return to LA with dance and music stages at Aratani Theatre, Oct. 24

2015 Los Angeles Concert “Hanabi” by Naomichi Hanzono

Saturday, October 24

4:00pm / Doors open 3:30pm

Aratani Theatre, 244 S. San Pedro Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Admission: $30, $40, $60, $80

For tickets, call (310) 993-9196 or email info@wattention.com


Naomichi Hanazono's Hanabi 2015 LA ShowFrom a very young age, Naomichi Hanazono has been practicing traditional Japanese dance of Bando School and Tsugaru Shamisen.

After surging in popularity in Japan, Naomichi hopes to bring his own unique entertainment style dubbed as Ja-Pa-Ni-Zu to the global stage.

Naomichi will be returning to Los Angeles on Oct. 24 at Aratani Theatre with his dancing company “KA-BU-TO” after a successful the U.S. debut performance in 2014.

Youtube video of “Jongara Rock” https://youtu.be/WOGZ_Qsz79U

Official website: www.naomichi.net (Japanese only)

2015 Los Angeles Concert “Hanabi” by Naomichi Hanzono is subsidized by “J-LOP +” Japanese government program.