2017 / Bon Odori 2017 at Pasadena Buddhist Temple, July 22, 23 at 6:30pm

Obon Pasadena Buddhist Temple 2017

From left: Pasadena Buddhist Temple members Rikio Inouye (returning UC Berkeley grad) and sisters Sandy Watson and Julie Toyama. Sandy and Julie are Obon dance instructors. (Courtesy of Pasadena Buddhist Temple)

July 22, 23 / Sat, Sun
Pasadena Buddhist Temple

1993 Glen Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103
Sat / Open: 4:00PM, Odori: 6:30PM, Close: 9:00PM
Sun / Open:4:00PM, Odori: 6:30PM, Close: 8:30PM

Obon is special moments to commemorate loved ones who passed in traditional Japan.  Obon tradition was brought to Japanese American communities since Buddhism came to America with Japanese immigrants.

In 2017, the Pasadena Buddhist Temple presents the Obon Festival on July 22 and 23. Parking and admission are free. Open to the public.

Festival Schedule (July 22 & 23):

5:00-6:00 Hondo Open (Rev. Gibbs available for Q&A)
5:50 PM (Sunday): Introduction of Nisei Week Court
​6:00 L.A. TAIKO ICHIZA performance (Saturday)
6:00 WLA TAIKO performance (Sunday)
6:30 Obon Dancing – audience participation

Martial Arts Demonstrations (Sakai Hall)
4:00 QI GONG

5:00 KYUDO – Nanka Kyudo Kai (PJCI)
5:30 NAGINATA – Pasadena Naginata Dojo

Home-made foods and Asian-themed goods are available to sell.
For a complete schedule please visit the temple’s website at: http://www.pasadenabuddhisttemple.org/2017-obon.html.


July 22, 23 / Sat, Sun
Vista Buddhist Temple

150 Cedar Road, Bldg. B, Vista, CA 92083
Sat / Open:12:00PM, Odori:6:30PM, Close: 8:00PM
Sun / Open:12:00PM, Odori:6:30PM, Close: 8:00PM

July 29, 30 / Sat. Sun
Higashi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple

505 East Third Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013
Sat / Open: 1:00PM, Odori: 5:30PM, Close: 9:00PM
Sun / Open: 1:00PM, Odori: 5:30PM, Close: 9:00PM

July 29, 30 / Sat, Sun
West Los Angeles Buddhist Temple

2003 Corinth Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025
Sat / Open:4:00PM, Odori: 6:30PM, Close: 10:00PM
Sun / Open: 3:00PM, Odori: 6:30PM, Close: 9:00PM

July 30 / Sun
Buddhist Temple of San Diego

2929 Market Street, San Diego, CA 92102
Odori: 5:00PM

August 4, 5 / Fri, Sat
Obon Festival hosted by Buddhist Temple of San Diego and San Diego Japanese Friendship Garden

Balboa Park, San Diego
Fri / Open: 12:00PM
Sat / Open: 10:00AM, Orodi: 6:30PM, Close: 9:00PM

August 5 / Sat
Las Vegas Buddhist Sangha

Clark High School, 4291 Pennwood Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102
Open: 10:00AM, Odori: 12:45PM, Close: 4:00PM

August 12, 13 / Sat, Sun
Gardena Buddhist Church

1517 West 166th Street, Gardena, CA 90247
Sat / Open: 3:00PM, Odori:6:00PM, Close: 10:00PM
Sun / Open: 3:00PM, Odori: 6:00PM, Close: 9:00PM