LACMA: “Atmosphere” exhibition features Yoshio Ikezaki

Yoshio Ikezaki “The Earth Breathes” and “Wave” at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The Earth Breathes (left in bottom): Mulberry fiber and sumi ink. Wave (right on wall): Sumi ink and mica powder on Japanese paper. (Cultural News Photo)

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Atmosphere in Japanese Painting
September 1
5, 2017–February 4, 2018

In the Japanese language, there are about 50 words for rain, but also an equivalent surfeit of terms for snow, mist, and fog.

Relatively simple painting tools are available to the Japanese artist—paper (washi), ink (sumi), water-based or mineral pigments, which, in formal situations, are applied to silk.

Only the most skilled artists can convey the rush of water, rising mist or humidity, the chill of a frosty winter evening, and snow laced decoratively through an environment.

Atmosphere in Japanese Painting, presenting a span of techniques for evoking atmosphere, features the artist Yoshio Ikezaki (Japan, active United States, born 1953), who makes his own paper and sumi, which he applies with his ki, energy, to reveal the natural forces within the elements of water and air impelled by the flow of ki.

An entire level of the East Wing in the Pavilion for Japanese Art is devoted to his work.

More information about the exhibition will be available to the October issue of monthly Cultural News.


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