New Kappa book author to sign his books at UCLA Book Fair, April 24, 25

The Last Kappa of Old Japan

published by Tuttle

written and illustrated by Sunny Seki

Sunny Seki, author of The Last Kappa of Old Japan will be signing copies of his books on the following occasions:

Cherry Blossom Festival in Monterey Park on April 17 and 18

The UCLA Festival of Books on April 24 and 25

The Target Children’s Day Event at the Japanese American National Museum on May 8 at 2:00 pm

Sunny Seki may be contacted at

The Last Kappa of Old Japan, published by Tuttle, is the newest children’s book written and illustrated by Sunny Seki of San Gabriel. His first title, The Tale of the Lucky Cat, is the award-winning hit that was translated into nine different languages.

The Last Kappa of Old Japan tells the story of a boy, Norihei, who lives on a farm in the countryside when Japan is just starting to have electricity. One day Norihei discovers a sick young kappa, Kyu-chan, and saves his life.

The two become fast friends and Kyu-chan introduces Norihei to the secret wonders of the water world. Many years later, Kyu-chan is able to return Norihei’s favor.

This warmly written and beautifully illustrated book introduces young readers to many aspects of traditional Japanese culture and folklore, while teaching an important lesson about maintaining a clean environment.

Kappas are mythological creatures that have been a part of Japanese folklore for centuries. They are believed to be messengers of the god of water, and folklore tells that they love to eat cucumbers. Legends of kappas exist all over Japan.

Images of kappas vary greatly, and the particular character illustrated by Seki is a new combination of tradition and the publisher’s wish for a cute creature with which children can readily identify.

The Last Kappa of Old Japan is written in English, but a Japanese translation is also available.

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