2019 / Ukiyo-e lecture by Japanese art curator of Los Angeles County Museum of Art, on Aug. 18 at Shoseian Teahouse in Glendale Brand Library Park

Shoseian “Whispering Pine” Teahouse
Brand Library Park, 1601 West Mountain Street, Glendale, CA 91201

Lecture Program:
Ukiyo-e – Wood Block Prints of Japan
Their Stories and Meanings

Sunday, August 18, 2019
11 AM – 1 PM

The colorful and intricate wood block prints from Japan all have stories attached to them. Listen to Hollis Goodall, an expert in this art form, reveal the history and meanings attached to the art through a slide lecture and Japanese prints brought by audience members. Please bring prints to share!

Hollis Goodall is Curator of Japanese Art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. She engaged at the LACMA since 1981. She has overseen more than 275 exhibitions and installations, and is presently researching the LACMA’s collection of nearly 7000 Japanese objects.

A delicious bowl of matcha tea will be served.
$20 per person donation
RSVP by August 15 to: friends@shoseianteahouse.com