Studio Ghibli’s 21 films to be available to view on Netfilx, Feb. 2020

A scene from the Oscar-winning Spirited Away. Image copyright Alamy (Source: BBC)

According to the BBC Newsbeat, Studio Ghibli’s 21 films will be available to view on Netflix in February 2020

BBC Newsbeat
Studio Ghibli: Netflix buys rights to iconic animated films

By Levi Jouave, Newsbeat reporter
20 January 2020

Next month 21 films from the legendary Studio Ghibli are coming to Netflix.

It means new people will be introduced to “the ultimate escapism” of Studio Ghibli’s films – up until now they’ve only been available on DVD, when they’re broadcast on Film 4, or illegally.

Some of its most famous films include the Oscar-winning Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro, and Howl’s Moving Castle.