2022 / Los Angeles County Museum of Art: “Yoshitomo Nara,” the first international retrospective of the artist, through Jan. 02, 2022

“Yoshitomo Nara” exhibition at the Broad Contemporary Art Museum building at Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) will reopen on April 1 with the exhibition of Yoshitomo Nara, the first international retrospective of artist Yoshitomo Nara (b. 1959) at BCAM, Level 2 through July 5, 2021. In June, Yoshitomo Nara had been extended to January 02, 2022.

The exhibition surveys more than 30 years of the artist’s work—from 1984 to 2020—through the lens of his longtime passion to music.

Known for his portraits, Nara’s subjects are vaguely ominous-looking characters with penetrating gazes that occasionally wield objects just as knives or cigarettes, as well as heads and figures that float in dreamy landscapes. Nara’s oeuvre reflects the artist’s raw encounters with his inner self, taking inspiration from memories of his childhood; music; literature; studying and living in Germany (1988–2000); exploring his roots in Asia; and modern art from Europe and Japan.

Yoshitomo Nara comprises more than 100 major works, including paintings, drawings, sculpture, ceramics, an installation that recreates his drawing studio, and neverbefore- exhibited idea sketches that reflect the artist’s empathic eye.