2023: Buddhist Churches of America Launches Relief Efforts to Aid Maui Wildfire Victims

MAUI, Hawaii — FEMA Urban Search and Rescue teams, Washington State Task Force 1 and Nevada Task Force 1, continue federal response efforts to the Hawaii wildfires. (FEMA photo)

The Buddhist Churches of America (BCA) and its Social Welfare Committee have launched Maui disaster relief efforts in full support of the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii (HHMH).

Donations can be made online through: https://bca.kindful.com/, or by check payable to: BCA Endowment Foundation (note on memo line: Maui Relief). Mail checks to: BCA Endowment Foundation, 2140 Durant Ave., Berkeley, CA 94704.

The BCA and HHMH are affiliated organizations and are a part of Jodo Shinshu Buddhists based at the Hongwanji-ha in Kyoto.

“We watched with great sadness and horror the loss of life and destruction of homes and communities in Maui because of the devastating wildfires,” said BCA Bishop Rev. Marvin Harada. “Our thoughts go to all there who have lost loved ones, homes, businesses, temples and churches, and their community.

“In the face of such devastation, we will all do what we can do, whether it is to contribute to the disaster relief, or to share our support, or for those in Maui, to help them begin to rebuild, one step at a time, doing what they can do.”

The wildfires in Maui have led to 111 deaths as of Aug. 17, making it the deadliest natural disaster in Hawaii since it became a state in 1959. The winds from Hurricane Dora that fueled the wildfires have destroyed or damaged more than 2,700 structures in Lahaina, including the HHMH’s Lahaina Hongwanji Mission.

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