2013 / Nisei Week Parade / Those who wish to be “Haneto dancers” must check in by 3pm, Aug 11

"Haneto" dancer at Nisei Week Parade.

“Haneto” dancer at Nisei Week Parade.

Nebuta Ohayashi Hozonkai  Group will open a registration booth for “Haneto Dancers” and Volunteer in the Nisei Week Grand Parade on Sunday, August 11.

The registration booth will be opened from 2 pm to 3 pm at Centenary United Methodist Church, 300 South Central Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90013.

The Nisei Week Grand Parade will start at 4:00 pm.

Registration fees are $10 for those who will wear own yukata, $5 for previous years participants with Haneto yukata.

Nebuta Ohayashi Hozonkai will help Haneto dancers to wear yukata at the Nisei Week venue.

For questions, email lanebuta2013@gmail.com

Nisei Week Parade Map