2013 / Gallery Calendar / MUJO, Oct. 3 – 26: “Pupa” by Mayumi Oshima


Gallery MUJO Map 

Gallery MUJO, 137 East Third Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Sunday, from 1 pm to 6 pm



Entrance on Third Street between Los Angeles Street and Main Street.


“Pupa” by Mayumi Oshima, Oct. 3 – 26

Opening Reception, Saturday, October 5, 3pm – 7pm


MUJO Oshima Pupa“Pupa” by Mayumi Oshima (October 2013)

I restrain myself in a moment in the pupa

Conflict of ideas, then discouraged myself

I’m happy sometime, then disappointed of outcomes

I struggle to create ideas in the pupa

Confidence with my improvement,

Then I got blue from some mistakes




Even reflected with storm from my suppressed feeling,

I adventure to take a chance to see Mermaid.

Here are the outcomes derived from my pupa


Mayumi Oshima was born in Japan, and graduated from Division of Japanese Art, Department of Art, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Tokyo, Japan.

Recently she moved to Jersey City, New Jersey, for her independent art activity. She looks into her artistic motivation from her ordinary life and discusses with her soul.

She creates arts in the process of these artistic conversations. She thinks she isn’t matured yet … she struggles … she looks for her soul home.

Mayumi Oshima Exhibitions:

1999 Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku Student hall

2000 Toyota Wood Home, Utsunomiya

2002 arts gallery

Tokyo Geijutu Daigaku Student hall

“TORO” Gallery Subaru

2003 The University Art Museum/Chinretsukan Gallery

2004 “flow?motion” The University Art Museum/Chinretsukan Gallery

“TORO” Gallery Subaru

“THE KAN” ART Gallery Kan

2005 The University Art Museum/Masaki Memorial Gallery


2008 Juried Exhibition ART HOUSE LOUNGE


Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair   http://eng.tcaf.jp/    GALLERY HIROTA BIJUTU

2009  Solo show at “commune” in Brooklyn, NY

Organized by “Tokyo Regionalism”  PEPPER’S GALLERY