2013 / Miyagi Nosho 60th Performing Arts Anniversary at Aratani Theatre, Oct. 20

Nosho Miyagi Four Seasons

Grand Master Nosho Miyagai (center) dance at “Four Seasons” in the Miyagi Nosho 60th Performing Arts Anniversary Recital.   (Cultural News Photo)


The Miyagi Nosho Ryukyu Dance/Music School presents the Miyagi Nosho 60th Performing Arts Anniversary Recital at Aratani/Japan America Theater in Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles on Sunday, Oct. 20, from 2:00 pm – 6:00pm.

The recital commemorates Master Nosho Miyagi’s 60 years of performing dance and music, as well as to host the school’s teaching credential award ceremony.

Okinawan Culture, Dance, and Music Program

1. Dance: Choja nu Ufusu. 2. Dance: Tsukimiodori. 3. Dance: Kijimuna. 4. Dance: Amaka. 5. Dance: Takadera Manzai.

6. Operetta: Modorikago. Two men are carrying a palanquin bearing what they believe to be a beautiful young girl. The girl’s face was covered by a scarf so they could not see her clearly when she entered the palanquin. During a break the two men begin to argue as to whom the girl would be attracted to. Hearing the commotion the girl comes out of the palanquin. The two men are shocked when they see her ugly face.  But now the girl wants to become friends with the two men and begins to chase them. Can they get away from her?  We may never know the answer. Dancers: Jinichi Uza, Shigeo Miyagi and Sho Hanmine.

7. Dance: Munjuru. 8. Dance: Taiheiraku. 9. Dance: Nanyo Hamachidori.

10. Dance: Hatoma Bushi. This young man’s dance, full of rhythm and spirit, describes the beauty of Hatoma, an outer island of the Yaeyama group.  Climbing the hills of Hatoma, the men praise the green trees, bountiful grain and sailing ships in the distance. Dancers: Jinichi Uza and Shigeo Miyagi.

11. Dance: Shiki no Kaika (Four Seasons) Choreographed, music composed, and lyrics written by Master Nosho Miyagi. 12. Dance:  Kotobuki no Mai. Choreographed by Master Nosho Miyagi. 13. Okinawan Music: Kokyo o Omou and Kariyushi no Odori.

14. Dance: Nakuni Timatu. Thisdance tells of a love story set in the age of the Ryukyu Kingdom.  Nakuni Timatu describes the love between the government official Kamiya and the beautiful country girl Kana.  When Kamiya is ordered to return to Shuri Castle he promises Kana that he will return within four to six months. Kana is heartbroken as he never returns. Dancer: Akebi Ryu Founder Hiroko Koja.

15. Dance Drama: King Shotoku Dance in Heaven. This dance drama was created by the late Nozo Miyagi, the founder of Miyagi Ryu and its 1st headmaster. It was performed for the first time at Noki Miyagi’s 35th Anniversary Recital in 1989.  The late Nozo Miyagi created this dance drama while on his sickbed; he passed away one week after the recital. Noki Miyagi later succeeded Nozo Miyagi and is now the 2nd Headmaster of Miyagi Ryu.

King Shotoku, the ruler of the Ryukyu Kingdom from 1441 to 1469, made a pilgrimage to the sacred island of Kudaka where he fell in love with the beautiful Noro (prophetess/spiritualist) Kunichasa.  He decided against returning to Shuri Castle when reports reached him of a revolt there. 

Heartbroken by this news, King Shotoku, along with Kunichasa, commit suicide by jumping into the sea.  The late Nozo Miyagi created this dance drama based on that legend, but he created a happy ending with King Shotoku dancing in heaven with the beautiful Kunichasa.  With the fantastic scenery of heaven behind them, they are surrounded by angels who bless the couple while dancing for them.

Cast: 2nd Headmaster Nozo Miyagi as King Shotoku, Master Nosho Miyagi as Kunichasa, Jinichi Uza as Lord Asato, and Shigeo Miyagai as a messenger and an assassin.