2014 / Atomic bombing survivors’ agony to be told in “The Face of Jizo: A Hiroshima Story”play, Aug 16, 17

Face of Jizo

Toshi Toda plays as father of Hiroshima survivor Mitsue played by Kazumi Zatkins (Courtesy of Caps Productions)

Depicting a young survivor’s agony after the atomic bombing in World War II, English language play “The Face of Jizo: A Hiroshima Story” will return to Los Angeles on Saturday, August 16 at 8:00 pm, and Sunday, August 17 at 5:00 pm (two performance only) at Studio/Stage Theatre, 520 North Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004, for the first time since the play was presented in Los Angeles in August 2010.

Originally written in Japanese by Hisashi Inoue, one of the foremost contemporary playwrights of Japan in 1994, the Japanese play “Chichi to kuraseba” (Living with My Father) was translated by American born Australian playwright Roger Pulvers who is currently living in Japan, and premiered in English in London in 2007.

Three years after the atomic explosion, Mistue Fukuyoshi, a twenty-three year old librarian, is always frightened of thunder and lighting. She is a survivor and lost her father by the Hiroshima bombing. Mitsue is very keen on recent visitor to the library, and he seems to be smitten by her, but she is determined to reject the possibility of loving someone and being happy, despite encouragement from an unexpected presence.

“The Face of Jizo: A Hiroshima Story” stars Toshi Toda and Kazumi Zatkin, and is directed by Aramazd Stepanian.

The play is presented by Caps Productions, and produced by Aramazd Stepanian, Kazumi Zatkin, and Toshi Toda. Toda stared in the 2010 play.

Tickets are $20. For reservation, email JizoReservation@gmail.com or visit www.itsmyseat.com/CAPS