2017 / Theatrical live performance from Japan “A Seed: One Wish Can Change the World” at Armstrong Theatre, Jan. 14

Tickets are sold out as of Jan. 11, 2017

Theatrical Live Performance

One Wish Can Change the World

Jan. 14 (Sat) 2017,  8:00 PM start
Armstrong Theater

3330 Civic Center Drive, Torrance, CA 90503

Torrance Cultural Arts Foundation and Magicbell Communications present a theatrical live performance, “A SEED: Ichi-ryu Manbai.”

A Seed FlyerA wish for peace and harmony begins with a single grain of rice.

In this live performance inspired by Japanese mythology, artists from Japan and the United States will come together to tell the story of the beginning of the universe, and how a single grain of rice grew into millions that sustain all of our lives.

This theatrical live performance will be featuring internationally acclaimed Koto player Yukiko Matsuyama, legendary Japanese hand drum player, Mochizuki Saburo, Noh actor (Kanze School) Tatsuya Hatta, and other top class musicians and performers including live taiko drums, contemporary and traditional Japanese dance and kimono, Noh drama, and storytelling in English.

East meets West as we celebrate life and the blessings of Mother Earth.

Director’s Statement:

By Yasushi Matsuura

“Our mission is to spread our wish for harmony through our theatrical performance entitled “A SEED:  Ichi-ryu Manbai.”  Ichi-ryu Manbai means “a single seed can eventually produce millions of grains of rice and a great harvest.”  In this way, a single wish can spread amongst millions of people. One day, our wish is that A SEED will grow into millions and pass its spirit on to the next generation.”


Youtube: https://youtu.be/K7fQ8S0tBGE