Monthly tea ceremony starting at Japanese Garden in Phoenix

Japanese Garden Phoenix

Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona – On Friday, October 1, Phoenix’s only Japanese garden reopened its gate to the public. Guests are greeted by dozens of lively koi fish and the garden’s resident duck pair, George and Gracie.

Vibrant hibiscus flowers grow alongside the pond and further in stands Musoan, the Japanese Friendship Garden’s tea house.

The garden is proud to host an authentic Japanese tea ceremony on the second Saturday of each month, beginning on October 9.

Guests will have the honor of being part of a tradition that stretches back hundreds of years. Each ceremony is led by a tea master from the Urasenke Foundation and assisted by ladies wearing traditional kimono.

“It was really enjoyable,” said Anna Reitz, who attended a tea ceremony in March of 2009.   “I learned a lot about the ceremony. It was wonderful to see it in person.”

The Japanese Friendship Garden is located on 1125 N. 3rd Ave. It is open every day except for Monday, from 10 am until 3 pm.  Established in 1987, the garden is a joint project between the city of Phoenix and its sister-city of Himeji, Japan.

For additional information and upcoming events please see the website