2017 / Japanese Dance: “An Afternoon of Japanese Dance” at Nishi Hongwanji Kaikan building, Sept. 23


Nihon Buyo Kai

“An Afternoon of Japanese Dance” showcases the beauty and grace of Japanese and Okinawan traditional and classical dance at the Kaikain building of Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple, 815 East 1st Street in Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles, 90012, on Saturday, Sept. 23 from 1:00 pm – 3:00pm. Tickets are $15.

Organized by non-profit the Nihon Buyo Kai of California, performers of “An Afternoon of Japanese Dance” provides the public chance to see five different schools of Japanese and Okinawan dance performs in Southern California in the same program that is the first-of-its kind, accessible and reasonably priced.

Tickets are available at the website of http://nihonbuyokai.us, and any of participating dance teachers of the Sept. 23 event. For any questions, email nihonbuyokai@gmail.com

Featuring performers from schools of these teachers:
Azuma Sumako
Bando Hidesomi
Bando Hiromiya
Majikina Aiko
Nakamura Narumi
Wakayagi Hisame