May 2019 issue of Cultural News on sale now

Cultural News 2019 May Issue on sale now

Table of Contents: the May 2019 Issue: Cultural News

Manzanar National Historic Site is open daily

Mamada Butterfly sings in Japanese

Japan Foundation to present a major art exhibition from Haniwa to contemporary art in Washington DC and Los Angeles

Japan Foundation Traveling Exhibition: Manga Hokusai Manga

Japan House’s exhibition – KESHIKi: The Landscape Within – Contemporary Japanese Ceramics

Life in a wartime concentration camp at Heart Mountain, Wyoming

Statesman Norman Mineta’s documentary made be two westcoast producers and to be premiered nationally on PBS

Book: Enemy Children – The only biography of renowned statesman Norman Mineta

University seeks documents of Japanese American History

Begin band to head Okinawa Association’s celebration

Makoto taiko ensemble builds momentum to its 20th anniversary performances

Bando Hidesomi Nihon Buyo Class presents her student recital

Ken Koshio presents Taiko Extravaganza concert at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts

Wartime incarceration experiences remembered at Manzanar Historical Site

TAIKOPROJECT to present Rhythmic Relation 2019 concert

Asian Art Museum in San Francisco to exhibit :Tattoos in Japanese Prints” and bamboo sculpture “Connection” created by Tanabe Chikunsai IV


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