2020 / Shinto in Los Angeles: Shusse Inari Shrine of America to provide New Year ceremony, Jan. 1

Shinto priest Izume Hasegawa presides “Saitansai” ceremony at Shusse Inari Shrine on Onizuka Street. (Cultural News Photo)

Forwarded for Shusse Inari Shrine of America

Let’s pray New Year’s happiness at Shinto Ceremony in Little Tokyo

When: Wednesday, January 1st, 2020
Saitan-sai: 11am – 11:30am (please join us freely)
Hatsumode,Shinto goods and services: 11:30am – 2:30pm
Where: Little Tokyo News Years Celebration event area
Astronaut Ellison S Onizuka Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Website: www.ShintoShrine.org

In Japanpeople come and pray for happiness in the new year at a Shinto Shrine. Every year since 2014, Shusse Inari Shrine of America has had a booth at the New Year’s Day event in Little Tokyo.
We will hold a New Year’s Saitan-sai ceremony at 11am. Feel free to join us to pray for New Year’s happiness! Following the ceremony, we will keep the public altar open to let people pray individually for Hatsumode (New Year’s visit) until 2:30pm.

Shinto goods such as Omamori, OfudaKumade (bamboo rake) and Hamaya (decorative arrow) will also be available during this time.
We also will provide individual Gokitō services, such as New Year’s happiness, Yaku-barai, Bussiness Success, Safe Driving, Recovering from Illness. The individual Gokitō services are  by appointment only, please contact AmuletOffice@ShusseInariShrine.org for RSVP and more details.

An exclusive New Year  Goshuin will be available!
We are looking for volunteers including Miko (Shrine maiden). Please contact us for details.

Passing along eco-conscious traditions to the next generation

Shinto is a mindset and way of living with respect for nature, living things and our ancestors, and it has long been recognized as Japan’s cultural root. Unlike Buddhism, Christianity, or other religions, Shinto has no holy texts, nor individual founder. It is said that Shinto has been practiced for more than 2,000 years.
One of the most important elements of Shinto practice is paying respect and seeking harmony between people and nature, among our families, communities, and the world. In today’s society, the need to strive for these goals has become more apparent than ever before.
We hold various events introducing the traditional Japanese eco-conscious way of life so that future generations can enjoy nature as we do. Details about Shinto and these events can be found on our newsletter, website, and social media. Please come and enjoy our events!!

May the Nature Spirits be with you!