2020 / Weekly Cultural News: US online premiere of film “Fukushima 50” at New York’s “Japan Cuts” film festival

Monthly Cultural News has been published since July 1998 to  introduce Japanese art and culture to the public in Los Angeles. The situation of Corona Pandemic prevents publishing the monthly issue since April 2020.

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Weekly Cultural News starts in June 2020 for substitute of the monthly.

The latest edition of Weekly Cultural News is following:

Free Download Link of July 13 –  19, 2020 Issue


Contents of July 13-19:

  • US online premiere of film “Fukushima 50” at New York’s “Japan Cuts” film festival, July 17 -30
  • “Fukushima 50” directed by Setsuo Wakamatsu, 2020, 122 min.
  • “Book-Paper-Scissors” directed by Nanako Hirose, 2019, 94 min.
  • “Prison Circle” directed by Kaori Sakagami, 2020, 120 min.
  • “Seijo Story: 60 Years of Making Films” directed by Isshin Indo and Eiki Takahashi, 2019, 83 min.
  • “Sending Off” directed by Ian Thomas Ash, 2019, 79 min.
  • Documentary Shorts – “Bleached Bone Avenue” directed by Akio Fujimoto, 2020, 16 min.
  • Experimental Shorts – “Blind Bombing, Filmed by a Bat” directed by Kota Takahashi, 2020, 32 min.
  • Tora-san, “Wish You Were Here” directed by Yoji Yamada, 2019, 115 min.
  • Tora-san, “Our Lovable Tramp” (4K restoration) directed by Yoji Yamada, 1969, 91 min.
  • Tora-san, “”Meets the Songstress Again” (4K restoration) directed by Yoji Yamada, 1975, 92 min.
  • Tora-san, “My Uncle” (4K restoration) directed by Yoji Yamada, 1989, 108 min.
  • Ohayashi Juku (Japanese percussion lecture) Series #5 Video talks about “Nature Sounds”

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