2021 / Online Event “Ask Your Senpai Now” Career Path Meeting, March 6, 4:00PM. PST

“What do you see in your future?”

Event is organized by Nichibei Doctor’s Club/The Terasaki Nibei Foundation and Dr. Akishige Hokugo,UCLA

NDC special online event on
March 6, 4pm (PST),
March 7, 9am (JST)

“Ask your Senpai now!”
Register by March 4
the meeting link will be sent by email

Question: nokada@terasaki.org Naoko Okada (The Terasaki Nibei Foundation Coordinator)


John Gozal
UCI BS of Biological Science
Terasaki Research Institute Data Scientist

Manami Hokugo
Sophomore at North Hollywood HS


Steve Hiroshi Sakanashi
Director of Marketing & Global Strategy at Matchbox Technologies
Steve Sakanashi| LinkedIn
stevesakanashi.com –My life, from LAX to SEA to TYO
Steve Sakanashi has the heart of a coach | The Japan Times

Hiromi Aoyama
Agoura High School/Asahi Gakuen High school
UCLA Communication Studies
Mainichi News Paper Intern. Program Leader for Konnichiwa
Little Tokyo, Translation Intern JSB USA, NTT Communication(Japan)
KeiroCommunication analyst/Manager

Sidney Honda Kao
Student Athlete(Swimming) for ASU
Summa Cum Laude/Phi Beta Kappa Society Member Global Studies and Bachelor of Arts, Asian Language
Studied abroad in summer at Univ. Shudo Hiroshima
Internship: Mirage Entertainment (Assistant to Creative Content Producer and Assistant to Accountant
Section Manager for Hello! Tours (Hello! Tokyo Branch)

Amy Okada
Loughborough Univ.(UK) grad school/International Business Student athlete(swimming)
2016,2020 US Olympic Trials qualifier
Food studies
UCLA Athletics Performance Nutrition Intern
UCLA Athletics Sustainability Coordinator
Student Athlete Mentor (SAM)
CAE Notetaker: Center for Accessible Education
Community Outreach
Spoon UCLA President
Farmers Market Manager

Kanon Mori
UCLA Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology major and Public Affairs minor
Pareto Tree R&D Bioengineering Intern
UCLA Universities Allied for Essential Medicines
UCLA Club Triathlon
Co-founder of Japan United
Japan Well-Being Summit student board
UCLA Body Image Taskforce
UCLA Health Care Extenders Internship
UCLA Center for Health Policy