Japan Foundation to present Gagaku performance live from Tokyo, Monday, April 5, at 6:00 pm, PDT

Gagaku performer Noriaki Mita

The Japan Foundation Los Angeles is presenting live music performances via Facebook Live every Monday at 12:30 pm, PDT, and 6:00 pm, PDT when live from Japan.

On Monday, April 5, Japan Foundation’s Music Live will feature Gagaku performer Noriaki Mita from Japan at 6:00 pm, PDT.

On Facebook Live, Noriaki Mita will be performing with Harumi Mita, Yoshie Suzuki, and Chihiro Mita. All performers are members of the Mita Noriaki Gagaku Academy in Tokyo, Noriaki Mita is Chair of the academy.

They will be demonstrating Gagaku as well as a traditional dance performance of Japan.

Noriaki Mita began studying Hichiriki, Gaku-soh, and U-mai at the age of 9 under Suemasa Abe who was the chief master of court music of Imperial Household Agency, department of music and dance.

He has also mastered the art of Sa-mai under Shogo Anzai, and has danced “Nasori” at the National Theater of Japan and other various stages as a member of Tokyo Gakuso which was led by Tadamaro Ohno at that time..

He has gained popularity for combining his explanation of Gagaku with performances in the formats of Gagaku Lecture Concerts.

In 1995, he brought Gagaku to the Carnegie Hall in New York.

In 2000, he started “Gagaku, Returning to Asia” project with fellow musicians, dancers and researchers in China, Korea, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

He and his colleagues have been visiting each other’s countries to hold various events such as conferences, workshops, and concerts.  http://gagaku.asia

To view the performance, visit www.facebook.com/JFLALC a Facebook accounts are not needed to view this page.