Film “Hannari – Geisha Modern” to be screened in Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, and Nagoya

Hannari Poster Japan

For the first time in history, all Geisha districts in Kyoto were filmed.

Yuki, a geisha who married the nephew of J. P. Morgan 100 years ago.

Makoto pursues two careers as a Geisha and as a Jazz singer today.

The sprit of hospitality and the subdued beauty of the Geisha of Kyoto is presented.

Film: Hannari – Geisha Modern

Produced and Directed by Miyuki Sohara

Narrated by Maxwell Caulfield (Grease 2)

Running time: 94 min

Production: 2006

Hannari – Geisha Modern is a documentary film that seeks to capture the geisha and their culture for what they are truly meant to be.

Geisha are artists and entertainers, who devote their lives to the traditional arts and a traditional way of life.

Respected and admired as purveyors of traditional Japanese culture, the geisha are truly an embodiment of dedication, discipline and a relentless drive for perfection.

This film brings the audience up close and personal with these magnificent artists, entertainers, or themselves living works of art.

Appearances by various characters in and around the geisha community provide a glimpse into this functioning and independent community that is truly unique to Japan.

For the very first time, the geisha are captured in a manner that allows the audience to see, hear and to feel for themselves the true beauty of the geisha.

Screening Schedule in Japan

Osaka: The Seventh Art Theater
Feb. 19 – 25,  Showtime 10:40 am only
Feb. 26 –  March 4 (closed Sunday 27),   Showtime 6:30 pm only
Tel: 06-6302-2073

Kobe: Kobe Art Village Center
Feb. 19 – 25 (closed Feb 22),  Showtime 11:00 am only
Tel: 078-512-5500

Nagoya: Nagoya Cinematheque
Feb. 26 – March 4,   Showtime 10:50 am (Scheduled) only,    Tel: 052-733-3959,

Kyoto: Kyoto Cinema
Feb. 26 – March 4,  Showtime 5:00 pm only
Tel: 075(353)4723

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