LACMA presents “Postwar Japan in Black and White” film series, June 8-9

LACMA Postwar Japan films Pigs and Battleships

Film "Pigs and Battleships" by Shohei Imamura, 1961


In conjunction with the exhibition Fracture: Daido Moriyama (April 7 – July 31) at the Japanese Pavilion of Los Angeles County Museum of Art, LACMA and the Japan Foundation will screen a series of films that offer a raw, street-level view of Japanese urban life, while also confronting such poignant, postwar theme as identity, gender, and alienation.

These films, from the taut policiers of Akira Kurosawa and existentialist parables of Hiroshi Teshigahara to rarely-screened films by Susumu Hani and Toshio Matsumoto, shatter social and aesthetic taboos as they fearlessly delve into a bustling underworld of petty criminals, miscreants, outcasts, revolutionaries, and all other manner of stray dogs.

Venue: Bing Theater at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Admission: $10 for the general public


May 11-12

May 11, 7:30 pm

The Face of Another (Hiroshi Teshigawara, 1966)


May 11, 9:40 pm

Nanami: The Inferno of First Love (Susumu Niwa, 1968)


May 12, 5:00 pm

Diary of a Shinjuku Thief (Nagisa Oshima, 1969)


May 12, 7:30 pm

Stray Dog (Akira Kurosawa, 1949)



June 8-9

June 8, 7:30 pm

Pigs and Battleships (Shohei Imamura, 1961)


June 8, 9:20 pm

The Pornographers (Shohei Imamura, 1966)


June 9, 5:00 pm

Funeral Parade of Roses (Toshio Matsumoto, 1969)


June 9, 7:30 pm

High and Low (Akira Kurosawa, 1963)