2013 / Choral group, L.A. Daiku, to present annual concert, Oct 27, 4:30 pm

LA DaikuL.A. Daiku /The 3rd Autumn Concert / An Autumn Harvest of Choral Music

Oct. 27, 4:30 pm

Los Angeles Union Church, 401East Third Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013

The L.A. Daiku presents “An Autumn Harvest of Choral Music” on Sunday, October 27, at 4:30 pm at Los Angeles Union Church, 401 East Third Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013.

Doors open at 4:00 pm. Suggested donation: $5.    www.ladaiku.org/index-e.html

For more information, call Yasu Tanano at (310) 625-4222 or email LADaiku@aol.com

The set of four folk songs of Japanese and English epitomizes singers’ spirit of musical friendship. And the timeless music of Arcadelt, Mozart and Vivaldi lift up the human spirit, as of course, does the great music of Beethoven. 

Jeffrey Bernstein, music director & conductor


Ave Maria by Arcadelt

Ave Verum Corpus by Mozart

Kojyo no Tsuki

Hamabe no Uta


O Waly Waly

Gloria by Vivaldi

Ode to Joy from Beethoven Symphony No. 9  

The L.A. Daiku was founded to bring a great Japanese tradition to America.

In the last three years the choral group has strengthened that tradition and forged personal connections through four performances of the Daiku (Beethoven Symphony  No. 9) in Naruto, Japan and in Los Angeles.

They also have several performances of Fukushima Requiem in Los Angeles and in Japan, in collaboration with Japanese singers.

In June 2013, The L.A. Daiku Artistic Director Jeffrey Bernstein was honored to conduct 650 singers in Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony in Naruto, Japan. Forty-two ofthose singers were L.A. Daiku members.

In January 2014, The L.A. Daiku will welcome 20 singers from Japan for the performance of the Ninth in the Aratani Theater in Little Tokyo.

Jeffrey Bernstein, the Music Director of The L.A. Daiku: Our work is inspired by Schiller’s words, made famous by Beethoven “All men shall be brothers.” We invite you, our audience, to become part of our musical family.