2014 / Free screening of emerging artist’s new film “Crimson Pledge” Oct 18 at 11:10 am at Nuart Theatre, West Los Angeles

Film Crimeson Pledge

Forwarded for screen writer and actor Kenichi Iwabuchi

Free World Premiere “Crimson Pledge” Sat. Oct 18, West LA

We hardly think of what love is all about when we’re living everyday life. However, this movie reminds us of the meaning of love in terms of the psychological thriller.

Free Japanese movie premiere of “Crimson Pledge” (AKA “Kurenai Yabure”) will be taken place at the Nuart Theatre (Santa Monica Blvd & 405) on Saturday, October 18th. It starts at 11:10 am.

The story happens at Dadashi’s (Hiroyuki Watanabe) retirement party in school for being a teacher but one of the rumors about him in the past would lead him up to an unexpected situation. Watanabe takes the challenge to play a dark role in this story although he has usually been playing hero type of roles.

The actors are Kayoko Shibata, Kenji Sakamoto. The writer, Kenichi Iwabuchi being an actor as well lives in Los Angeles. In the process of writing the story, he communicated over the internet with a Japanese director, Koji Yokokawa.

The highlight about this story is how the main characters come across each other in a small class room during the party. (English subtitle, corresponding to PG13)

Date: October 18th, Saturday, 11:10 am

Location: Nuart Theatre (Santa Monica Blvd & 405)  11272 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90067

admission: free

contact: japanfilm@r-z.co.jp

more info: http://www.kurenaiyabure.jp/