2016 / Japan Foundation Free Screening “Samurai Cat” Jan. 13, 7:00PM

"Samurai Cat"

“Samurai Cat”


Japan Foundation Los Angeles provides high quality Japanese film screening every second and fourth Wednesday of every month at
7:00 pm at JFLA Auditorium, 5700 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 100, Los Angeles, CA 90036.
Free to attend. Reservation is not required.

Street Parking is available. http://www.jflalc.org/about-us.html#parking

January 13, 7:00PM

Samurai Cat (100 min, 2014)

Directed by Yoshitaka Yamaguchi

Starring acclaimed actor Kazuki Kitamura as Kyutaro Madarame, a masterless Samurai, the madcap NEKO SAMURAI wonders aloud: “what if we mashed up two of Japan’s most beloved cultural icons, the samurai and the cat?”

The result: one of the most delightfully cute comedies to come from Japan in some time.

A dog-loving clan hires Madarame, penniless and out of work; his task is to assassinate the prized white cat of a rival, cat-loving clan (the two clans have been fiercely battling for centuries, we learn).

But when Madarame melts at the sight of the cat, failing at his duty and kidnapping the feline, both clans seek to exact revenge—on the samurai himself, and the imminent showdown will test the newly-inaugurated “cat person.”

In Japanese with English subtitles

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Q6mcx2qF4Q