2016 / JACCC 18th Annual Shikishi Exhibition in Little Tokyo thru Feb. 21

JACCC 2016 Shikishi Exhibition

18th Annual Shikishi Exhibition

January 3 – February 21, 2016

Japanese American Cultural and Community Center

Doizaki Gallery, Closed Monday and Tuesday

Opening Reception: Sunday, January 3, 2016, 2:30PM

JACCC presents its 18th Annual Shikishi Exhibition with artwork submitted by the community based on the theme Hatsu-Yama (First Mountain) and/or the Year of the Monkey.

Shikishi paper-boards have been used in Japan since the 12th century for traditional painting or to inscribe poetry.

Today, shikishi are given as a gift to mark a memorable or special occasion. In 1998, JACCC fused traditional and contemporary notions of the shikishi by asking over 500 people to celebrate the New Year by expressing themselves using the shikishi board.

Participants included celebrities, local personalities, politicians, artists, priests, children, writers, and community members. The outcome was an intriguing and amazingly eclectic exhibit of shikishi art.