2016 / LACMA Special Event: Stealing The Moon at Pavilion for Japanese Art, Nov. 15

Image courtesy of Paloma Powers; photo by Eden Batki

Image courtesy of Paloma Powers; photo by Eden Batki

Forwarded for Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Special: Stealing The Moon by David Horvitz + Xiu Xiu
7:30 pm | Tue, November 15, 2016
Pavilion for Japanese Art

A NonSalon by Paloma Powers.

Artist David Horvitz and the acclaimed experimental group Xiu Xiu present a special performance inspired by the exhibition Japanese Painting: From the Zen Mind.

The collaborative duo will create a site-specific soundscape in dialogue with the exhibition works and themes.

The original piece utilizes field recordings of three Chinese elm trees from the Amache internment camp that play on speakers hidden throughout the Pavilion for Japanese Art, as well as an ever-changing live performance by the artists involving gongs, wind chimes, vibrators, bells, and grunt tubes.

Visitors can explore the space at their own pace, but will be encouraged to sit at specific locations to experience how the sound is shaped by the Bruce Goff-designed building, and engage with Zen principles of time, change, and contemplation.

To conclude, all participants are invited to join the artists on the patio for tea under the full moon.

LACMA | Pavilion for Japanese Art
Free; tickets required
Note: Tickets available one hour before the performance at the entrance to the Pavilion for Japanese Art.
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