2017 / Buddhist Chanting: The Sound of Enlightenment with violin solo at Buddha’s Birth Celebration, April 8

2017 Hanamatsuri Los Angeles

Buddhist Chanting: The Sound of Enlightenment
Saturday, April 8, 1:30 – 4:00 pm
Los Angeles Hompa Hongwanji Buddhist Temple

815 East First Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

In 2017 Buddha’s Birth Celebration or Hanamatsuri event, Los Angeles Buddhist Temple Federation’s theme is “Buddhist Chanting: The Sound of Enlightenment.”

The 2017 Hanamasturi service will provide an opportunity to experience the sounds of different chanting styles within the Federation’s temples. And as the prelude to the 15 pieces of the Buddhist chanting, violin music will be performed by internationally recognized musician Ken Aiso.

Listening and reflecting on these sounds of chanting is an experience of linking people with history through the use of sounds. Recitations of the sutras are wonderful examples of repeating the sounds and patterns heard almost a thousand year ago.

Born and raised in Japan, Ken Aiso long resided in the U.K., and in September, 2015, he moved to Los Angeles. He is currently teaching violin, viola, and chamber music at Loyola Marymount University and La Sierra University.

As a recitalist, Aiso has performed widely in Europe, the U.S. and Japan with appearances at prestigious concert halls. In 2003, he was honored to appear as soloist before the Emperor and Empress of Japan, and in 2004 he found the critically acclaimed AISO Quartet.

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