2018 / Buddhists to celebrate Buddha’s birthday at Little Tokyo, April 8

The 2018 Los Angeles Buddhist Temple Federation’s Hanamatsuri will take place this year on the Buddha’s actual birthday, which is Sunday, April 8.

The program begins at 1:30 pm and will be held at the Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple at First and Vignes streets in Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles.

This year’s Hanamatsuri theme is, “I Alone am the Honored One…Means You and Me.”

This theme emphasizes that Buddhism embraces and honors all life equally.

Rev. Mas Kodani will be the guest speaker and, following the service, Nobuko Miyamoto and her group will perform FandangObon.

Also included will be the popular Children’s Art Contest awards.

For more information, please call the temple office (213) 626-4200 or the Nishi Betsuin at (213) 680-9130.