2017 / Okinawa Performing Arts Committee to mark 30th Anniversary at Armstrong Theater with dance and music show, May 7

2015 “Utayabira Wuduyabira”: the finale featuring senseis in the front row. (Courtesy of the Okinawa Association of America)

To commemorate 30th anniversary of the Performing Arts Committee (Geino-bu) of the Okinawa Association of America, “Utayabira Wuduyabira” Okinawa music and dance showcase will be held at Armstrong Theatre in Torrance on Sunday, May 7 at 2:00 pm.

Tickets are $20. Contact the OAA office at oaamensore@gmail.com or (310) 532-1929.

The first “Utayabira Wuduyabira” was held at the Orange County Buddhist Church on May 21, 1989 to finance as well as help fulfill its mission. “Utayabira Wuduyabira” literally means “Let’s Sing, Let’s Dance.”

The latest “Utayabira” showcase will have a theme of Okinawan folk life in traditional era. Geino-bu performers’ dance and music will be depicting works and joy of of farmers and fishermen.

In the spirit of unity and cooperation, 12 Okinawa music and dance groups with Charter President Yasukazu Takushi formed Geino-bu in November 1987.