2018 / August/September issue to bring first-hand reports from Hiroshima about flood disasters, Aug. 25

Volunteer registration desk at Kure City Hall on August 4, 2018. (Cultural News Photo)

Dear Readers of Cultural News,

I visited Kure City in Hiroshima from Aug. 4 – 9 for fact-finding of the massive flood disasters occurred in July 6-9.

After 10 days absent in Los Angeles, I am catching up local events such as Nisei Week festival and Japanese film screenings.

The August and September join issue of Cultural News will be printed on August 25.

From now on, I am sending you updates of Hiroshima Flood Disaster via emails. And overview articles of the disaster will appear in the monthly issue of Cultural News.

Thank you for your patience for waiting the next issue.

Shige Higashi
Editor & Publisher
Cultural News