2018 / Donations for Editorial Support Project to send Cultural News Editor to Hiroshima and Kure, Japan for disaster report

Rescue by personnel of Hiroshima City Fire Department on July 7, 2018. Source: the Fire and Disaster Management Agency of Japan)

Editorial Support Project: July Flood – One of the Worst Disaster of Japan

The flood that occurred in the western part of Japan in July 2018 marks one of the worst disasters in Japan. Across 13 prefectures, more than 200 people were killed and more than 30,000 houses are damaged.

In my home town Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture, 24 people were killed, and 1000 houses are damaged.

In Kure City, major roads have been reopened, but vital train traffic JR Kure Line is shut down, and causes heavy traffic congestion in main highways as of July 30.

On-going reports about the July Japan Flood are available at the July issue of Cultural News: http://www.culturalnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Cultural-News-2018-07-July.pdf
and http://culturalnews.com/AidHiroshima (English)
and http://culturalnews.com/HelpKure (Japanese) now.

Cultural News is supported only by subscription of $30 per year. When major disaster occurs, Cultural News asks readers to send donation for the editorial project: this time visiting Hiroshima and Kure for fact finding.

I plan to visit Hiroshima Prefecture and Kure City from Aug. 2 – Aug. 9 for interview with victims, city officials and volunteers. It costs approx. $3,000  for airplane tickets and transportation and accommodations in Japan.

Your donation to Cultural News is appreciated.

Shige Higashi, Editor & Publisher of Cultural News


Supports to Cultural News Project

Donation received to Cultural News: $3,070 as of August 24:

Aug. 24, T. Wakita, $300
Aug. 10, C. Nakamura, $300
Aug. 05, H. Sera, Japan, $100
Aug. 03, N. Takeda, $300
Aug. 01, T Omitsu, $300
July 31, K. Nakamura, Japan, $50
July 30, H & A Leonard, $100
July 28, M Kadogawa, $20
July 26. J. Mizuno, $300
July 25, K. Otake, $100
July 25, J. Cross, $50
July 25, Y.B. Watanabe $50
July 24, S. Takase, $100
July 24, S. Koizumi, $100
July 24, S. Owan, $50
July 24, C. Kajiyama $50
July 24, H Mukai $30
July 24, N. Masuko $10
July 23, K. Kamii, $100
July 23, M. Hosaka, Japan $100
July 23, A. Nishio $50
July 23, M. Tomita $30
July 22, S Matsumura, $30
July 21, N. Nabeshima, $100
July 21, N. Mishima, $300
Jully 20, E. Komano, $50