Los Angeles premiere on Dec 17 of film “The Last Ronin” cancelled

According to Warner Bros. Pictures Japan, Los Angeles premiere on Dec 17 of film “The Last Ronin” at Mann Chinese 6 Theater is cancelled.

In the press release of Warner Bros. Pictures Japan, an American company made “protest” to the English film title “The Last Ronin” in the procedure of the film rating by the Motion Pictures Association of America.

As the next step, Warner Bros. Pictures Japan submitted new title “Saigo no Chushingura” (original Japanese title) to the MPAA. And in this step, a Japanese company made “protest” to using the title of “Saigo no Chusingura.”

Unless one of these “protesting” companies would withdraw the objection, Los Angeles premiere of the film would not be materialized, the press release explained.

The press release said the next targeting Los Angeles premiere date is the middle of January 2011.

Film The Last Ronin flyer

Celebrating the Japanese tradition of honor and loyalty, in a heartful interpretation of Japan’s most cherished samurai saga

The Last Ronin (Saigo no Chushingura)

133 min

Warner Bros. Pictures Japan


Directed by Shigemichi Sugita

Screenplay by Yozo Tanaka

Based on the novel “Saigo no Chushingura” by Shoichiro Ikemiya

Director of Photography Mustuo Naganuma (J.S.C)


Koji Yakusho

Koichi Sato

Nanami Sakuraba

Nizaemon Kataoka

The legacy story of 47 ronin (Chusingura), samurai who avenged the death of their load in a daring raid, is deeply embedded in Japanese lore. Told and retold on the stage, in novels and films, this irresistible narrative of revenge, honor and sacrifice has been recapturing Japanese hearts for three centuries.

Warner Bros. Pictures Japan, which continues to deliver boxoffice hits of Japanese audiences, has adapted this cherished samurai legend as a local production. They has produced The Last Ronin, confident that the theme of loyalty and the samurai spirit will move audiences around the world.

The Last Ronin is inspired by the true story of 47 ronin who fought to restore honor to their dead master’s name by surrendering their own lives. The Last Ronin depicts the untold heroism of one man charged to live, in order to fulfill a secret mission, rather than honorably fight and die with his comrades. The star-studded cast is led by the internationally acclaimed Koji Yakusho (Memoirs of Geisha, Babel, The Eel and Shall We Dance?) portraying the ronin Magoza. Playing opposite Yakusho is Koichi Sato – winner of four Japanese Academy Awards – who plays a samurai destined to be reunited with his longtime friend.

The film is brilliantly photographed by Mutsuo Naganuma, capturing the light and landscape of beautiful, dramatic Kyoto.


It was supposed to be over 47 ronin (masterless samurai) had shocked Japan by avenging their lord’s death in a daring raid and then committing ritual suicide.

Sixteen years have passed. Unknown to the world, the most unlikely character is carrying out a secret mission. Magozo (Koji Yakusho) is the ronin who betrayed his comrades on the eve of their attacked by simply disappearing. Disguised as an antiques dealer, he lives deep in a bamboo forest, protecting a secret.

So grave is his secret, Magozo even draws his sword against his old comrade, Kichie (Koichi Sato), who stumbles on him by chance. What secret would drive a man to dishonor himself and live a life of shame, and even attacked his best friend? The answer lies with a Sixteen-year-old girl, Kane, who also lives in the bamboo forest….