2020 / Los Angeles County Museum of Art “Scholar’s Day Symposium: The Art of Qiu Ying” Feb. 19

Qiu Ying, The Jiucheng Palace (detail), Ming dynasty, c. 1525–33, handscroll; ink, colors, and gold on silk, 12 1/2 × 134 1/4 in., Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts, Abe Collection, photo © Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Scholar’s Day Symposium: The Art of Qiu Ying


Qiu Ying is one of the most celebrated and misunderstood painters in Chinese history.

Eluding classification, Qiu’s oeuvre has mesmerized and confounded art historians for over four centuries, not only for his uncanny versatility and technical virtuosity, but also for the profusion of copies and forgeries that flooded the markets already in his own time.

The silence enveloping the painter in official histories leaves a host of unresolved questions.

In conjunction with the exhibition Where the Truth Lies: The Art of Qiu Ying, this symposium explores the figure of Qiu Ying through issues of connoisseurship, artistic production, and cultural exchange across socioeconomic divides.

Individual papers explore Qiu Ying’s chronological development and social milieu (Stephen Little); tease out unlikely influences in the artist’s style and brushwork (Wan Kong); reflect on Qiu Ying’s contemporaneous reception as a gauge for his creative freedom and restrictions (Einor K. Cervone); take his magnum opus, Spring Morning in the Han Palace, as a case study in examining the role of playfulness in the creative process (Yeewan Koon); and ponder this work, along with Shanglin Park, in light of his translation of poetic traditions into the visual (Wen-mei Hsü).

Presenters will explain the process of curatorial research and invite participants to engage in dialogue about the challenges of chronologizing, authentication and its implications, and the conceptual formulation of the artist as a historical figure.

Although LACMA is closed to the public on Wednesdays, Where the Truth Lies: The Art of Qiu Ying will be open to symposium participants at various times during the day.

Symposium Agenda

9:30 am | Check in & Coffee

10–10:15 am | Welcome and Opening Remarks

10:15–10:45 am | The Enigma of Qiu Ying (c. 1494–c. 1552)—Stephen Little

10:45–11:15 am | A Wu School Painter or Not? A Reconsideration of Qiu Ying—Wan Kong

11:15–11:45 pm | The Chameleon Master Adds Snake Legs: The Art and Reception of Qiu Ying—Einor K. Cervone

11:45 am–12:15 pm | Q&A

12:15–2:15 pm | Lunch Break & Viewing, Where the Truth Lies: The Art of Qiu Ying

2:15–2:45 pm | The Pictorial Wit of Qiu Ying’s Handscroll Paintings—Yeewan Koon

2:45–3:15 pm | Literary and Creative Aspects of Qiu Ying’s Handscroll Paintings—Hsü Wen-mei

3:15–3:45 pm | Q&A

3:30–3:45 pm | Conclusion and Final Remarks

4–5 pm | Viewing, Where the Truth Lies: The Art of Qiu Ying

Wed, Feb 19, 2020
10 am–4 pm
BCAM, Level 1  |  LACMA
Free, tickets required

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