2020 / Los Angeles: In-person Shinto ceremony for Autumn Festival and Children Celebration on Nov 13, 11:00AM – 2:30PM

Shinto Shrine of Shusse Inari in America to hold in-person Autumn Festival and Celebrations for Children Ceremony in Compton

LOS ANGELES – The Shinto Shrine of Shusse Inari in America will hold in-person three special events: the Autumn Festival, blessing services for children age three, boys age five, and girls age 7 (Shichigosan), and the annual bonfire ritual, on Friday, November 13, 2020 in Compton, California.

The Shinto Shrine will express gratitude to the Kami-sama for the growth of children and pass on eco-conscious Japanese culture to the next generation. During the Autumn Festival, the participants will thank the Kami-sama for this year’s harvest and accomplishments and pray for their continued protection.

Autumn Festival and Bonfire Ritual will start at 11:00am. Old omamori or ofuda will be burn at the Bonfire Ritual. Participants visit freely. For those who cannot attend in person, old omamori or ofuda will be accepted by the Shinto Shrine by mail with the sacred branch fee.

For those who request a prayer service for good luck and health, an Autumn Festival exclusive good luck rice-ear charm will be available for $50 on the site. For those who cannot visit the site, the charm will be available to deliver. With additional $10 fee, One-pound Blessed Rice from Koda Farms for good luck and health also will be available.

Prayer ceremonies will begin at 12:00pm.

In-person Shichigosan visit will be available between 1:00pm and 2:30pm. Registration is required by Nov. 5 with Shichigosan service fee $50 including one omamori and a special gift. Photo service also will be available for $30.  The digital copy will be sent to the participants.

The November 13 events by the Shinto Shrine will be held at Swan Fence Inc. Courtyard, 600 W Manville Street, Compton, CA 90220. Parking lot is available. The events will be cancelled in a case of rain.

Stay Home Schichigosan will be held on Sunday, November 15, from 11:00am to 3:00pm. The Shinto Shrine will hold the prayer service remotely over cell phones or digital devices. Reservations are required with $50 service fee including omamori, gift, and delivery cost.

For reservations and more information, email contact@shintoinari.org  or visit the website: http://shintoinari.org/