Martial Arts History Museum to relocate to Burbank in April

Mastial Arts History Museum Kendo Outfit 1920

“Kendo outfit in 1920” at Martial Arts History Museum

The Martial Arts History Museum, featuring broad aspects of Asian martial arts and Asian culture, will relocate from Santa Clarita, northern suburb of Los Angeles, to Burbank in April.

New location is in the heart of the city near Magnolia and Buena Vista. The address is 2319 West Magnolia Blvd, Burbank CA 91506, (818) 478-1722.

The main purpose of the Martial Arts History Museum is to provide educational information to children and visitors about the cultural, historical and artistry of Asian forms of martial arts.

The Martial Arts History Museum, a non-profit organization, is filled with over 500 artifacts including iconic outfits, tournament costumes, movie wardrobe and historical photographs.

“Our mission is honor Asian history and its roots in American history,” says Michael Matsuda, founder and president of the museum.  “For example, Asian kung fu and karate have had positive influences on movies, television shows and animation.”

“Our first event for our new Burbank location is a seminar sampler in which the public will be provided free entrance into the facility and get a 15-minute taste of the seminars yet to come,” says Matsuda.

Entrance into the museum is $6, however, memberships are encouraged which provide free visitation to all its seminars for a full year.