May / Kintsugi Global Participating in Japan’s $1 Billion DigiDen Digital City Garden Initiative

Innovative Web3 Platform to Serve Anime, Manga Communities with Accessibility Focus

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, May 21, 2024 – Kintsugi Global, Inc., a leading provider of Web3 services and solutions, today announced it is participating in the Japanese government’s Vision for a Digital Garden City Nation “DigiDen” initiative, a $1 billion program spearheaded by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. As part of the ambitious DigiDen initiative, Kintsugi will launch a platform that brings anime, manga and related digital content and experiences to communities across Japan, with a specific emphasis on increasing accessibility for individuals with visual and hearing impairments.

Leveraging AI, Web3, immersive technologies and the major digital infrastructure investments under DigiDen, Kintsugi’s platform will enable:

  • On-demand translation and captioning of anime episodes and manga publications into multiple languages using advanced AI
  • Audio description tracks for visually-impaired users generated by AI capabilities
  • Blockchain-based content distribution putting creators in control of their intellectual property
  • Immersive digital experiences around popular anime/manga franchises utilizing XR, AR and VR
  • Web3 communities and digital collectibles providing new ways for fans to engage

“We are honored to be selected as a partner for Japan’s visionary $1 billion DigiDen initiative spearheaded by Prime Minister Kishida,” said Ron Scovil, CEO of Kintsugi Global. “By harnessing the power of decentralized technologies like Web3 and the nationwide advancement of digital infrastructure, our platform will make the iconic Japanese art forms of anime and manga accessible to people everywhere while opening new creative and economic opportunities.”

The DigiDen initiative funded by Kishida aims to revitalize rural areas by promoting remote work abilities, digital skills training, entrepreneurship, and digital infrastructure outside of major cities. Kintsugi’s anime/manga platform directly supports these goals by deploying digital services to rural areas, nurturing digital talents across the country, and ensuring marginalized groups can equally benefit.

About Kintsugi Global Headquartered in Tokyo, Kintsugi Global Japan is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kintsugi Global, Inc. Kintsugi Global is a Web3 product and services firm focused on building the decentralized infrastructure, platforms and applications that will shape the next phase of the internet. By combining emerging technologies like blockchain, AI and immersive media, Kintsugi is enabling a more open, equitable and participatory digital future. Learn more at

DigiDen is Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s $1 billion national initiative to revitalize rural areas through digitalization and integration with cities. Its core goals are deploying digital infrastructure like 5G across Japan, enabling digital services for rural citizens, nurturing digital skills and remote work opportunities nationwide, and ensuring inclusive access to technology’s benefits. DigiDen promotes changing workstyles, public-private partnerships, and business innovation aligned with sustainable local economic development outside of major urban centers. Through major investments in physical and digital infrastructure over multiple years, the initiative aims to solve issues like rural depopulation and lack of services by integrating urban and rural areas into a “Digital Garden City Nation.”

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