LACMA to present “Noh” style performance with Washi stage installation, Sept 22

Performance/ Recycling: Washi Tales

September 22, 2011

8:00 pm

Bing Theater at Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Tickets are $25. (323) 857-6010

A talk with Kyoko Ibe, stage installation designer, will begin at 7:00 pm before the performance. This talk will be led by Hollis Goodal, Curator of Japanese art at LACMA.

The performers includes Japan’s Intangible Cultural Treasure Noh otsuzumi drummer Shonosuke Okura.

Recycling: Washi Tales

Kyoko Ibe, designer

Elise Thoron, writer and director

Tale 1: Najio River

This poignant legend from the Edo period tells of the papermaker and her daughter, who journey from their village of Echizen to find her husband, who had disappeared suddenly. This tale is based on a contemporary short story by Tsutomu Minakami translated by Claire Cuccio.

Tale 2: Sen no Rikyu

Sen no Rikyu, a 16th-century tea master and aide to the powerful Shogun Hideyoshi, designs a tea house with recycled paper walls in defiance of the shogun’s power.

Tale 3: Hogosho

“Hogosho” (scrap paper) springs from Kyoko Ibe’s most recent work, a series of panels incorporating handwritten documents from the a 19th –century village in northern Japan that no longer exists.

Tale 4: Fujiwara Tamiko

Fujiwara Tamiko is ninth-century emperor Seiwa’s beloved consort. After the emperor’s death, she uses his love letters and poems in a unique way.

Performers (in order of appearance)

Karen Kandel (dancer/actress) as papermaker

Sonoko Soeda (actress) as Oshin

Shisui Arai, biwa player

Shonosuke Okura, Noh otsuzumi drummer

Makiko Sakurai (specialist in ancient chant and dance) as Fujiwara Tamiko

Nicole Pearce, lighting designer