2012 / Conception Announcement: Online Internship Program

Cultural News likes to start the internship program of writer for Cultural News by using the Internet.


1)  Japanese American college students in Southern California seek internship opportunities of learning communication skills through Japanese culture programs.

2) Retired-people in Southern California are eager to bring down their knowledge and expertise of Japanese culture to the younger generation.

3) Cultural News needs articles about Japanese culture subjects such as: taiko, kimono, sushi, bonsai, ukiyoe, sword, judo, kyudo, kendo, Japanese language and others in Southern California.

What: Online Internship Program of writer for Cultural News


1)  Interns will be college students who are interested in Japanese cultural, and are living in Southern California.

2) Advisors will be those who have expertise on the specific Japanese culture subject, able to give directions of writing articles on the subject, and are living in Southern California.


1)  The inception meeting of an intern and an advisor will held in person. Later the intern will submit the theme of the article and the interview and research schedule for the article by email.

2) The advisor will give the guidance about the interview and research by email and/or Skype conversation.

3) The intern will submit an article draft to the advisor, and the advisor will give comments on the draft to improve by email.

4) The intern will submit the final article to the advisor, and the advisor will give the review on the article by email.

5) The article will be published at the monthly newspaper Cultural News and the website of www.culturalnews.com.


The online internship will run for from one to two months duration.

Cultural News welcomes suggestions and comments on this project.

Shige Higashi, Publisher and Editor


(213) 819-4100

Skype: culturalnews