2013 / Okinawan music / Sanshin concert by performer from Okinawa, July 20


20130708 Okinawa Fija Byron

Fija (Higa) Byron

Fija Byro Live: pirin paran USA tour 2013

Presented by Okinawa Cultural Association of Texas

Date: July 20 (Saturday) 8 pm – 9 pm

Location: Gardena Buddhist Church, 1517 West 166th Street, Gardena, CA 90247


Ticket: $15 (Online ticket: fijabyron.eventbrite.com)  The Okinawa Association of America at (310) 532-1929

For more information call (888) 707-3657 or visit fijabyron.ocatexas.org

Fija Byron (Fija is Okinawan pronunciation of Higa) is a renowned Okinawan Language specialist from Japan. He hosts several TV and radio programs in Okinawa, and is the co-author of “Revitalization of Ryukyu Languages”.

His articles are frequently published in both domestic and international journals, and he currently teaches Okinawan Language classes at schools, institutes, and universities throughout Japan. He has been invited to Duisburg-Essen University in Germany and University of Hawaii for his lecture on Okinawan Language.

As of February 2009, the UNESCO Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger has categorized “The Okinawan language” as an endangered language.  Mr. Fija has been focusing his efforts to revitalize and preserve the Okinawan language by actively engaging in promoting awareness through both domestic and international lecture series.

He has started playing Sanshin (Okinawan guitar) 20 years ago and now performs at many of his lectures. This will be the first time Mr. Fija presents his Okinawan Language Lecture & Sanshin live show in mainland U.S.A. We hope that you enjoy this unique opportunity to experience his lecture and his music!    (Okinawa Cultural Association of Texas)