2013 / Six-lesson ikebana class to start in Monrovia, Sept 19

Monrovia Ikebana Mayumi Oniwa 

As a part of Monrovia City Community Program, Mayumi Onami will teach six-lesson of an ikebana class staring September 19.

This class is intended to learn the traditional to modern Japanese ikebana flower arrangements. Students will learn two basic Ikebana styles in various forms.


Class location:

Paint “n” Play Art Studio Gallery, 418 South Mytle Ave, Old Town Monrovia, (626) 256-4848

Class hours:

Thursday, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Class date:

Sept 19, 26  for color scheme form 

October 3, 10  for nature view and form  

October 17, 24  for abstract form, table centerpiece for Halloween

Fee: $90 for six lessons

$68 for Lab Fee must be paid on the first day. The Lab Fee includes flowers, Frog/Kenzan made in Japan, and all supplies needed to create flower arrangements.

Learners are asked to bring a small bucket to each class to bring back ikebana to home.

For information about the ikebana instructor Mayumi Onami, visit

http://www.my-ikebana.com/ or call (626) 793-8121

Those who like to learn this ikebana class are asked to fill a registration form of the City of Monrovia. For a registration form, email lavender2497@gmail.com