2014 / Japan Film Festival Los Ageles / May 9, 10, 11, 17, 18

Japan Film Festival 2014Japan Film Festival Los Angeles

May 9, 10, 11, 17, 18

Japan Film Festival Los Angeles 2014 Exhibition Notice

The following will be details regarding the opening of Japan Film Festival Los Angeles 2014.

This year we will be screening about 20 films including submission movies that were offered from the general public. In as much as we would like to have many people watching movies including US Premiere, topic of documentary, Drama films, and such, we have added English subtitles to every film. By all means, please announce this to your company and to the media.

<”NIPPON BOOM!!” Project at Japan Film Festival Los Angeles 2014>

It has been decided that the 2020 Olympics will be held in Tokyo. Japan has seen over10 million tourists this last year, and to keep up the “Nippon Boom!!” we must display the true Japanese beauty to the rest of the world not just through films but via food and culture as well. We want to wish for more Japan boom in southern California.

As everyone already knows, Japan is facing a big challenge and sorrow due to March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami. As NPO group who organize the event, we are going to donate the profit of the festival to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami victims through certified donation organization.



LA premiere screening

Director Katsuya Matsumura and Producer will come at Torrance Screening from Japan

Drama 120min

Hollywood, Saturday, May 10, 1:30 pm

Irvine, Saturday, May 17, 3:00 pm

San Diego, Sunday, May 18, 12:30 pm

Young Tenshin who became aware of beauty of Japan by Fenollosa, a American art director discovered Kanou Hougai forgotten by the world, he became head of the Tokyo School of Fine Arts. But he was defeated in an administrative struggle with Western group, and a new technique of Taikan and others was not understood by the world. Tenshin and 4 pupils left Tokyo for Izura…

Director: Katsuya Matsumura

Producer: Yuji Kinoshita

Cast: Naoto Takenaka  Shido Nakamura

©(C)2013 Tenshin Production Committee


“Pecoross’ Mother and Her Days”

USA premiere ! Drama 113min

Gardena: Saturday, May 10, 2:00 pm

Irive: Saturday, May 17, 11:00 am

San Diego: Sunday, May 18

Yuuichi Okano is a baby boomer born and raised in Nagasaki, Japan.  His bald-head looks like a pecoross, a small onion.  His Mother, Mitsue has dementia that began soon after her husband, Satoru, passed away 10 years ago…The film depicts their daily life that is full of humor and sweet sorrow. The theme of this film is nursing care and dementia that take up as serious social issue in Japan; the aging of population is advancing rapidly.  But the Director, Azuma Morisaki, the age of 85, he is now the oldest active film director in Japan, got through with this film as the light and heart-warming movie.

Producers: Katsuhiko Muraoka

Director: Azuma Morisaki

Cast: Ryo Iwamatsu Harue Akagi

Music by Hitotoyo

© “Pecross’ Mother and Her Days” production committee


 “Yokohama Story”
International premiere !! Drama 120min

Irvine: Saturday, May 17, 7:30 pm

Set in Yokohama, this story is about two desparete people who try to restore their own lives by experiencing the warmth of people in the community; a young woman who faces the harsh reality; a man who lost his wife and job both at the same time, and lost hope in his life. Now an odd life in a shared house by this middle aged guy, four women and a kid have started. What kind of happiness will each of them find in the end?


Director/ Ichiro Kita

Producers : Nichiho Marumo,Ichiro Kita, Hirotaka Asano

Cast: Kii Kitano Eiji Okuda Nahana

© 2013 Yokohama Story production committee


“The Promise: Prenatal Memories of Children”

Director Norio Ogikubo will come at LA Screening from Japan International premiere!!

Drama 114min

Gardena: Saturday, May 10, 9:30 am

Irvine: Saturday, May 17, 5:15 pm

San Diego: Sunday, May 18, 10:00 am

This documentary film explores the themes of prenatal memories, child-rearing, and the healing of our own inner children. “Prenatal memories” refers to the children’s recollections from the time that they were inside their mothers’ bodies—as well as from an even earlier time. It is said that children are able to access such memories between the ages of around two and four.

Director: Norio Ogikubo

Producer Norio Ogikubo

Cast: Akira Ikekawa Midori Minamiyama Masayuki Ohkado Yumiko Tobitani Chikako Kagami

© 2013 Norio Ogikubo


To Live To Act : Tatsuya Nakadai

Director Hirotaka Inazuka and Tatsuya Nakadai will come at LA Screening from Japan Internatinal premiere!!

Documentary: 57min

Gardena: Saturday, May 10, 11:40 am – 1:45 pm

Tatsuya Nakadai is one of Japan’s most accomplished actors appearing in more than 120 motion pictures in a distinguished career of over 60 years. The stage-trained actor got his start in Japanese cinema in the 1950’s during the golden age of Japanese movies. He starred in motion pictures of Japan’s most respected directors, such as “Black River (Kuroi kawa) ” “Yojimbo”” Kagemusha” Kurosawa “Ran” Im 1975, he founded his own theater troupe, Mumeijuku, (Anonymous Group) so he could provide training to younger actors and a studio where they can perform. Now in his, 80s Nakadai is still passionate about acting in movies, television and on the stage. He still continues to write and direct the actors in his theater troupe while trying to learn his lines for his role in the upcoming play. This documentary movie takes you backstage to see how he his passion for teaching the craftsmanship of acting to the actors and why he continues to work as a an actor. how he still bears “the great pressure of acting” and why he needs to keep acting until the curtain falls on the final stage of his life.

Producer : Hidetaka Inazuka

Directed by Hidetaka Inazuka

CAST: Tatsuya Nakadai and Mumei-jyuku members

©2014 Takion Japan


 “High and Low (Tengoku to Jigoku)”

Main Cast Tatsuya Nakadai will come at OC Screening from Japan

Drama 143min

Santa Ana: Sunday, May 11, 11:00 am

An executive mortgages all he owns to stage a coup and gain control of the National Shoe Company, with the intent of keeping the company out of the hands of incompetent and greedy executives. He needs the same money, though, to pay the ransom that will possibly save a child’s life. His resolution of that dilemma — the certain loss of the company vs. the probable loss of the child — makes for one distinct drama, and an ensuing elaborate police procedure makes for a second.

Director:Akira Kurosawa

Cast:Toshiro Mifune Tatsuya Nakadai



Main Cast Tatsuya Nakadai will come at LA Screening from Japan

Drama 110min

Hollywood, Saturday, May 10, 4:00 pm

Sanjuro, a wandering samurai enters a rural town in nineteenth century Japan. After learning from the innkeeper that the town is divided between two gangsters, he plays one side off against the other. His efforts are complicated by the arrival of the wily Unosuke, the son of one of the gangsters, who owns a revolver. Unosuke has Sanjuro beaten after he reunites an abducted woman with her husband and son, then massacres his father’s opponents. During the slaughter, the samurai escapes with the help of the innkeeper; but while recuperating at a nearby temple, he learns of innkeeper’s abduction by Unosuke, and returns to the town to confront him. 

Director:Akira Kurosawa

Cast:Toshiro Mifune Tatsuya Nakadai

We are scheduling to screen a total about 20 films. Detailed information on films above as well as on other films can be checked out at www.jffla.org. Furthermore on photographs, and synopsis can be contacted through the staff in charge.


Date and Location for the Film Festival

May 9 at New Garedena Hotel (Gardena)  1641 W. Redondo Beach Boulevard Gardena, CA 90247

Reception Party


May 10 at New Beverly Cinema (Hollywood) 7165 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036


May 10 at New Gardena Hotel (Gardena) 1641 W. Redondo Beach Boulevard Gardena, CA 90247


May 11 at  DoubleTree Club By Hilton Orange County Airport (Santa Ana) 7 Hutton Centre Drive Santa Ana, CA. 92707


May 17 at Starplex Cnema and Yamaha Music Center (Irvine) 4626 Barranca Parkway  Irvine, CA 92604


May 18 at Museum of Photographic Arts(San Diego) 1649 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101



May3: We will be hosting peace film screening from Nagasaki Peace Museum.(Free)

May9: We will be hosting Reception Party guest with Mr.Tatsuya Nakadai and Movie directors.

May10: We will be hosting Mr.Tatsuya Nakadai talk show and screening at New Gardena Hotel.(advance ticket $20)



Movie Tickets sales in advance

Tickets purchase by Kinokuniya book stores. At JFFLA, you will be able to see one movie per ticket. Advance movie tickets are available at participating Japanese bookstore.

Advance ticket for Adult: $10     At the window for Adult: $12  (Can not use Mr.Tatsuya Nakadai Talk Show and Screening on May10)

Online Purchasing

Advance movie tickets will also be available at www.JFFla.org. For those who wish to see the specific movie, online ticket is highly recommended since you can select the date, the movie, and the number of tickets you wish to purchase, which also promises you the seat as you checkout the PayPal purchasing process. However, the each movie is an unreserved seating and first comes first serve basis. Please be sure to bring your PayPal receipt printout as you will be showing it at the ticket window.