2015 / Memorial recital for Japanese classic dancer Mme. Hisami Wakayagi, Mar. 22 at Aratai Theatre

Hana no Kai Tsuna Yakata

Classic dance program “Tsuna Yakata” performed by Late Mme. Hisami Wakayagi, left, and Master Hikosaemon Wakayagi (Photo courtesy of Hana-no-Kai)

A recital to commemorate Japanese classic dancer Mme. Hisami Wakayagi will be presented by Seiha Wakayagi-ryu Hana-no- Kai on Sunday, March 22, at 1:30 pm at Aratani Theater in Little Tokyo. www.jaccc.org

Tickets are $35. For ticket, contact Hana-no-Kai at hisamiwakayagi@gmail.com or (626) 340-0546.

Mme. Wakayagi was planning to present her Hana-no-Kai 40th  anniversary recital on March 22, but passed away on Dec. 2. She was 71.

Disciples of Mme. Wakayagi Hisami decide to carry legacies of Mme. Hisami and present the March 22 recital.

As known as Mrs. Kikuko Watanabe, Mme. Wakayagi came to Los Angeles in 1974 and started her dance workshop named as Hana-no-Kai. Since then, she devoted her life to spread traditional Japanese dance – Nihon buyo – not only to the U.S. but also the world.

The March 22 Memorial Concert will feature dancers of Hana-no-Kai in Los Angeles and renowned dancers from Tokyo including Wakayagi Hikosaemon.

Hisami Wakayagi Memorial Recital Program

Furyu Funazoroe by Wakayagi Tadasuke & Wakayagi Sanjuro

Shinkanoko by Tanabe Ayami

Fuji Musume by Wakayagi Hisaka

Oharame by Wakayagi Mitame

Oumi no Okane by Wakayagi Hisana

Hana no Mamuro by Chiyo Yue

Nahiro (announcement and introduction of dancers’ stage name)

Onatsu Kyoran by Wakayagi Haruka

Memories of Wakayagi Hisami

Hitori Kanjincho by Wakayagi Hikosaemon