2016 / Singer of Nisei Week Parade official song to appear at stages and parade from Tokyo, Aug. 13-14


Hanayagi Rokufukumi Kai and students, left, and Megumi Date from Tokyo.

Hanayagi Rokufukumi Kai and students, left, and Megumi Date from Tokyo.

The Nisei Week Grand Parade features official choreographies of two songs every year.

In the 2016 parade, dance master Hanayagi Rokufukumi chose “Soran Matsuri” sang by Yoshimi Tendo and “Horshi no mai” (Dance of Stars) sang by Megimi Date.

When Tokyo-based singer Megumi Date heard about the her song selection of the Nisei Week, She decided to come to Los Angeles.

On Sunday, August 14 evening, Megumi Date will appear on ride in the Nisei Week Grand Parade.

Before the parade, Date’s live performance will be presented at the Tanabata stage at the corner of Central and First Street in Little Tokyo on Saturday, Aug. 13 at 10:30 am and Sunday, Aug. 14 at 11:30 am. This is open to the public event. Admission free.

From Enka songs to folk dance songs, and television anime theme songs, Megumi Date performs with wide range repertoire. Date is also a popular radio personality and appears regularly at several stations in Tokyo area and Niigata prefecture.

In April 2011, Date marked her 20th anniversary of professional singer career, and released song “Hoshi no mai” (Dance of Star) which was picked by the 2016 Nisei Week Official Choreographer Hanayagi Rokufukumi.

Megumi has released numerous CDs and DVDs under the contacts with Nihon Crown Record, and Yume Record.

On June 29, Megumi just releases her latest album “Nagakoi” (Lasting Love) of more contemporary music style, and begins challenging the new genre of her music.