2016 / Free workshop “Learn Natural Japanese through Acting” at Japan Foundation, Dec. 10

Japan Foundation

Forwarded for the Japan Foundation Los Angeles

Free Workshop
Learn Natural Japanese through Acting

Saturday, December 10, 1:00 – 2:30 pm
The Japan Foundation
Los Angeles, 5700 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 100, Los Angeles, CA 90036.

18 years old and up
Fee: free
Register Now http://www.jflalc.org/acting.html

By playing a role, using gestures and facial expressions, acting is a fun way to learn natural Japanese!

In this workshop, Japanese actor, Atsushi Hirata, will teach you how to react like Japanese people in natural settings, and how to speak spontaneously using basic Japanese phrases.

He will also share his cross-cultural experiences as a Japanese actor working in TV commercials and movies in the US.

This workshop is suitable for beginning Japanese learners and we welcome those who have no experience at all.

Relax and have fun!  You will be able to act in Japanese!

Atsushi Hirata was born and raised in Japan. He graduated University of California, Berkeley with a BA in Theater, Dance and Performance Studies. He studied Method, Michael Chekhov technique, screen writing under former Actor Studio teacher Mel Gordon.

He was appeared in numerous theater, film and TV productions. Currently he is working as a Japanese teacher at Seiai Gakuin along with pursuing his career in Hollywood.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Tel: (323) 761-7510 or E-mail: jpcourse@jflalc.org