2017 / Makoto Taiko with Grammy winner Koji Nakamura to present annual concert at Arcadia Performing Arts Center, May 6

Makoto Taiko Annual Concert 2017

Forwarded for Makoto Taiko

With a history of Sold-Out shows, Makoto Taiko presents RISE!

This powerful concert of Japanese drumming will feature Grammy Award-winning Taiko Master Koji Nakamura, guest artist Eien Hunter-Ishikawa and the Makoto Taiko ensemble.

The performance will be Saturday, May 6th at 7pm at the Arcadia Performing Arts Center (APAC) located at 188 Campus Drive in Arcadia.

Free parking is available at and around the venue.  Visit MakotoTaiko.org for Tickets and Information.

With a foundation forged from intensive training with the renowned Taiko group Ondekoza, Koji Nakamura has helped craft Makoto Taiko into one of the largest and most diverse ensembles in the US.

Performances here and in Japan showcase their unique interpretation of the art of Taiko, featuring both traditional and modern compositions.

Eien Hunter-Ishikawa is a member of the fearlessly innovative On Ensemble. A musician and global educator based in Portland, Oregon, he was born in Japan, where he developed an early passion for drumming specializing in drumset, Taiko, percussion, and shinobue.

Uniting passion, precision, and spirit, we invite you to experience RISE!