2017 / Anime “In This Corner of the World” screening at L.A. Film Festival, ArchLigh Culver City, June 20

In This Corner of the World

In This Corner of the World: 2017 LA Film Festival World Fiction Competition – North American Festival Premiere

An empowering coming-of-age tale set against the backdrop of World War II, In This Corner of the World is a captivating story about the resilience and triumph of the human spirit.

Based on the award-winning Japanese manga by Fumiyo Kouno, In This Corner of the World is written and directed by Sunao Katabuchi and produced by GENCO and Japanese animation studio MAPPA.

Bolstered by emotionally resonant storytelling and exquisite hand-drawn animation, this acclaimed animated feature recently won the coveted Animation of the Year award at this year’s 40th Japan Academy Prize.

The film has been selected to screen in competition at Annecy 2017 and will have its North American film festival premiere in competition at LA Film Festival this June.

The award-winning story of In This Corner of the World follows a young lady named Suzu Urano, who in 1944 moves to the small town of Kure in Hiroshima to live with her husband’s family.

Suzu’s life is thrown into chaos when her town is bombed during World War II. Her perseverance and courage underpin this heart-warming and inspirational tale of the everyday challenges faced by the Japanese in the midst of a violent, war-torn country.

This beautiful yet poignant tale shows that even in the face of adversity and loss, people can come together and rebuild their lives.

Film director Sunao Katabuchi began his career working closely with Hayao Miyazaki before directing his own animated films, including Katabuchi’s acclaimed animated features Mai Mai Miracle and Princess Arete.

Animated feature In This Corner of the World opens this August in select U.S. cinemas nationwide.

The film is rated PG-13 and has a run time of 129 minutes. For more information about In This Corner of the World, please visit InThisCorneroftheWorld.com.


In This Corner of the World

Jun 20, 2017, 6:20 PM
ArcLight Culver City 8, 9500 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

In This Corner of the World (Kono sekai no katasumi ni)
Los Angeles Film Festival / World Fiction Competition
Japan (2016, 129 min.)

Directed by: Sunao Katabuchi
Screenwriter: Sunao Katabuchi
Producers: Taro Maki, Masao Maruyama
Cinematographer: Kosuke Hayashi
Editor: Kashiko Kimura
Music: Kotoringo
Cast: Non, Yoshimasa Hosoya, Minori Omi, Natsuki Inaba, Daisuke Ono, Megumi Han, Mayumi Shintani, Shigeru Ushiyama

By Cristhian Barron

In the seaside town of Eba near Hiroshima City, a young woman named Suzu lives with her family. She prefers to spend her time exploring her imagination by drawing and making shapes out of the clouds.

In the early 1940’s, as World War II becomes a reality, Suzu must face challenges that become harsher by the day. After marrying a man who is drafted by the Japanese Navy, she is left to care for her husband’s family in Kure, 15 miles away from her home.

From the mind of Sunao Katabuchi, a prodigy of anime in Japan, this thoughtfully animated coming-of-age film tells a story of a woman who fights through the horrors of war with imagination, determination and love.

(Source: L.A. Film Festival)

Award-winning animated feature “In This Corner of the World” to go theaters in LA, NY, SF, and major cities in the U.S., August 11