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Cultural News 2017 October Issue

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By Shige Higashi, Editor & Publisher of Cultural News

Japanese people like me who were born and raised in Japan in 1950s and 60s did not have much chance to learn Japanese culture and art. Because Japan lost the war against the U.S. in 1945. Under the U.S. occupation, Japanese constitution and educational system were revised drastically. Western value system, art and culture were focused more than traditional Japanese ones not only in schools but also in the Japan’s daily life.

It was 1980s when I came to Los Angeles and started working as a  news reporter. It was my eye-opening experience when I met American people who appreciated Japanese art and cultures so much.

I started publishing monthly Cultural News not only for Americans of Japanese cultural enthusiasts but also for Japanese people just like me who rediscover Japanese value and culture after they left Japan.

For almost 20 years after the inaugural issue of monthly Cultural News, my works have developed into four fields: 1) Publishing monthly Cultural News newspaper, 2) publishing English and Japanese websites respectively to view Japanese event schedules, 3) Blasting English and Japanese emails respectively to deliver latest cultural news, 4) digital literacy program under the name of “iPhone meeting for senior peoples.”

Fast Food Stores vs Restaurants model: Getting information through digital media is just like eating food at fast food stores when you feed. Reading a newspaper is like sitting at a restaurant to appreciate meals when you are with your family members and friends.

As of 2017, the annual budget of entire Cultural News projects are approximately $30,000, an affordable project for ordinary people without philanthropists. I appreciate 1,000   Cultural News monthly volunteer subscribers who are willing to pay $30 per year.

This website, www.culturalnews.com and email blast Cultural News Email Update are available for the public for free of charge. Because 1,000 CN monthly volunteer subscribers support the entire budget of Cultural News programs. Japanese language service is available at www.culturalnews.com/shimbun

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Shige Higashi, Editor & Publisher of Cultural News